More Harm Than Good

I am currently reading Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and it’s incredibly eye-opening. All of his arguments about addiction and about how much time we waste are valid. He even mentions how the Amish, who are NOT without technology by the way, have a rule for technology use: they line it up with what they value most and ask, “Will this cause more harm then good?” Well, isn’t that brilliant?

Maybe you’re like me; sometimes I lose sight of things. But this Amish question really snapped me back into reality. I am using it in regard to almost everything right now. Will this cause more harm than good? Newport also suggests a 30 day cleanse of whatever you are questioning, but I say let’s start with a week. What would happen if you turned the TV off for just one week? Or you stopped eating sugar for just one week? We are strong enough to do anything for a week.

What Newport suggests is that we waste A LOT of our time with stuff that is about as insignificant as it can be at the cost of things we value the most like family, friends, health, personal growth, etc. I am going to start with TV. I have no intention of not turning it back on, but I love the challenge and I love to read and play board games. It’s really good to mix things up, especially when they benefit the things we value most. Give it a try. I’m going to—let’s see how it goes!

With Gratitude,


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