Dogged Persistence

We picked up our youngest daughter from college yesterday—freshman year is now in the rear view mirror. When she finally got in the car, she blurted out, “I have so much to tell you!” as if she was going to burst. Let me provide some backstory. A month ago, she applied for an internship as a research assistant within the business school at her college. She was really optimistic about her chances, but when the positions where announced, she was not one of them. We all supported her through this incredibly disappointing time and assumed she would simply return to her summer job and apply again next year.

Now, back to the car. She begins to share her story of dogged persistence. Without anyone’s prompting, she reached out to her alumni advisor to see if she had any advice. The advisor, in turn, recommended she reach out to the woman in charge of the program and ask if there were any summer research internships that were not filled. After some digging, the woman called her back and said, “Low and behold, there is!” She reached out to the professor immediately and now has a paid summer research project!

Persistence is a mindset. It’s that thought in your head that continues to tell you, “There has to be another way! I will not accept this answer!” Where in your life have you accepted, “NO!” when you didn’t want to? Persistence is a muscle that we have to exercise so it gets stronger. It’s also a nuance; persistence requires tact. Choose something that needs your persistence and move forward. Email me if you want guidance or support. Come on, let’s go! We got this!

With Gratitude,


A tree persisting through a rock in the Sourland Mountains of NJ

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