A New Project

If I asked you, “What project are you currently working on at work (or at home),” would you have an answer? Is it a big project? Have you been working on it for a while? Or is it a smaller project, but really consuming a lot of your time? Are you exhausted from it? Are you proud of what you’ve done so far? Did you give it your best?

Projects are great, but they are different than tasks. Tasks are “one and done.” Projects we have to think about and sometimes we need to collaborate. They take time, but when they are complete, we are usually very happy, proud, and, often times, relieved. We have a sense of satisfaction. We rarely have a choice at work as to which projects we take on. At home, we can choose, but sometimes house projects become mandatory, not optional. What about a “You” project? Have you ever chosen that kind of project?

We always give our very best to work. Some would argue we give too much to work right now. And we also give our best to our home projects as well. We also give to our family, and our friends, but when are you going to fully and exclusively give to YOU? When was the last time you really committed to “Project YOU?” This project should feed your soul. Giving yourself what is left over at the end of the day, if there is anything left, is not enough. Truthfully, if you treated a work project like you treat yourself, you’d probably get fired. Pick a YOU project today and treat it like a work project! Can you even imagine how great it would be? Come on—haven’t you neglected yourself long enough? I can answer that for you—Yes, you have.



P.S. Please email me at beth@bethfitzgerald.com with your ideas for Project YOU. I’m thinking about signing up for an online interior decorating class just for fun. I’m still thinking though. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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