Least Resistance

Our mind is built for us to choose the path of least resistance. It’s sad, but true. And businesses capitalize on this psychological truth. They ask us to mail-in a rebate because they know it’s highly unlikely we ever will. They offer 3-months free, but we are already queued up to start the subscription and we will have to unsubscribe to stop it. Again, they know the chances are, we won’t do it. And think of all the habits we do daily, simply because changing them would make life more difficult.

If we know it is human nature to choose the path of least resistance, then we also know that blazing a new path is hard for our brain to agree to doing. It will take a lot of convincing because the default is, “Just keep it the same! Why are you rocking the boat?” But if we continue to choose the path of least resistance, how will we ever grow? The brain knows that, and it’s not that the brain wants us to stay small, it wants us to stay safe. Anything new is unknown and, therefore, risky.

Today, I simply want you to be aware that our brains love the least resistant path—and that is not the path on which we grow and prosper. Have you been afraid to apply for a new job? Right, that’s the brain choosing least resistance. Are you afraid to talk to your boss or your colleague? Again, the brain’s choice and not helpful. What about that conversation you need to have with your spouse? Least resistance means we will remain stuck in our current situation. Today is all about raising our awareness of how the brain works because it isn’t always helping us improve. We have to take the first step to become aware so we can counter this unhelpful propensity for choosing the least resistant.



P.S. Sometimes Facebook doesn’t cooperate, like yesterday. I had a lovely post written about virtual meetings and raising your profile. When I pressed the “post” button, it all disappeared! Ugh! Oh well. I’ll write it again another day for you! My apologies.

Would you choose the path or the forest for your walk?

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