Under Construction

This is a picture of our local municipal building. It’s been under construction for a few years now. I don’t think this picture properly captures the mess, but I am really happy that it’s finally progressing. I drive past it at least twice a day so I have personally experienced it’s evolution and progress. I’m sure it will be amazing when it’s done. What I realized just the other day when I drove past this building for the umpteenth time is that that building is me. I am that building. What I have watched, sometimes with complete exasperation, is a visual of my life played out on Orchard Road.

How are me (and maybe you, too) and that building one and the same? I am constantly under construction. I am always trying to improve something about me. There is often a little mess associated with the “construction” as I try to navigate my way. It always takes longer than I think it will. It’s not pretty when it’s happening, but I can envision the final product. I didn’t throw in the towel because it got hard. I didn’t abandoned the construction because the plans got altered. And even though it’s taking way longer than I anticipated, I am sticking with the plan!

I truly hope this picture reminds you of you, too. We are all works in progress! Expect the mess. If you were looking for perfection on a construction project—you know that’s not possible! But you also know that you never throw in the towel because things became challenging. You have the vision of the final product, so keep going! It’s going to be AMAZING when it’s done—if done is possible for self-improvement. Keep the faith!



You and me and the Montgomery Municipal Building!

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