What Good Shall I Do Today?

I was checking out at a doctors office yesterday. There were 2 “windows” at which I could check out. At the first window, there was a woman who had a headset on and was wearing a mask. She made no eye contact with me, so I assumed she was on a call and went to the other window, but there was no one there. So I came back to the first window, pulled out my phone and my glasses so I could schedule a follow up appointment, and waited.

Now it gets a little weird. I heard someone speak, and I thought it was the woman that arrived at the unattended window, so I go there, only to be pointed (not told) back to the first window. I apologize (not sure why) for going to the wrong window and the headset lady barks at me. I have reached the end of my patience and I look right at her and say, “There is no need to be unkind.” She immediately softened and said, “I want to help you.” Not true, but O.K, I can work with that.

Leadership lesson #1: There is no need to be unkind. Sometimes people push us to our limits. Sometimes we are in a foul mood. Sometimes we have a chip on our shoulder. Sometimes it’s our emotional baggage that’s the problem, not them. Regardless of the reason, there is no need to be unkind. And it’s a big, fat wake up call when someone says that to you—no one necessarily wants to be unkind and no one definitely wants to called out on it. I’m saying this to me, more than you, but I hope it helps you, too. I was on the right side of this trade yesterday, but not always. Not by a longshot. Lesson learned.



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