I’ve Seen It All

Over the years, I have taught many classes on many topics. I have taught small groups and large groups. I have taught young executives as well as very senior executives. I have taught at big corporations and small companies. I have taught women and men. I have taught athletes and girl scouts. I have taught inner-city children and very privileged children. I have even spoken to inmates. I have covered the gamut.

What is amazing about all of these groups is that they all have had a common and interesting thread that runs through each group and it centers around engagement. 98% of these groups are fully engaged, ready to learn, wanting to grow and improve and I love these people. But there is this very small portion—in every group—that I always wonder about. What is their mind thinking? Have they already given up? Are they not looking to improve? Or worse, do they think they already have everything figured out—that they don’t need any improvement? If true, that would be their Achilles heel, and so sad.

So today, I simply want to applaud you for showing up every day to read my post. It speaks volumes for who you are and what you want to become. You’re open to growth and possibility. You’re eager to learn. You want to improve. Even if you aren’t where you want to be just yet, you are putting in the work to keep your mind focused on your continuous growth. And if you haven’t patted yourself on the back in a while, we can do it together today. We do enough mental “beating ourselves up,” so let’s stick with compliments today. Trust me, I’ve seen it all, and you’re a ROCKSTAR!


Beth Fitzgerald

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