I saw this picture posted on Facebook about a week or so ago by a parent of a child who attends Indiana University and I immediately took a screenshot of the post. This poster not only belongs on the entrance to every medical facility in the world right now, but it needs to pop up as our screen saver on our computer and our phone—and maybe even read out loud in our car before we are allowed to ignite the engine and venture out into the world.

The purpose of this sign, and its strategic positioning, is to literally stop us in our tracks. Reading these impassioned words SHOULD make us pause and collect ourselves. It’s providing an intention for us just in case we had another less virtuous intention in mind. Maybe this should be read before some work meetings? Just a thought.

It’s Monday, that alone is a lot. We are heading into the holiday season—with supply chain issues and a reduced workforce. Many things are NOT going to go our way. Perfection is not an option right now. So we might want to make this poster OUR screensaver or print this out at our work. Who wouldn’t benefit from taking a slow, deep breath and checking in on their energy? Exactly. Do unto others…, right?!



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