Cyber Monday Deals!

Amazon isn’t the only one who can offer Cyber Monday deals—I can, too!

I want 2022 to be your BEST YEAR EVER, so I am offering two really special deals for anyone who has wanted to try coaching, but has hesitated for any reason.

POWER HOUR – Is an intense, one-on-one coaching session focused on a specific challenge that is causing you stress, keeping you up at night, or keeping you from living your best life. It could be anything from leadership or management issues, career issues, learning and development issues, time-management issues, work-life balance issues, decision making issues, or something else.

A Power hour is an ideal way to offer support to people with limited time and demanding schedules.  In just one  hour, clients gain insights that enable them to put personal or organizational issues into perspective, and discover potential solutions to their challenges. You cant beat it if you want solutions to nagging problems that seem to linger.



MINI-COACHING EXPERIENCE – Is four intense, one-on-one coaching sessions that are each 30 minutes in length. The purpose of the MINI-COACHING EXPERIENCE is to tackle a challenge that perhaps needs a bit more time than the Power Hour. This, too, is for people who are looking to overcome a challenge in their life that is causing them stress or is keeping them up at night.


Both offers are perfect for you if:

  • You need to get some traction
  • You’re new to coaching and want to give it a try
  • You have a short-term problem that would benefit from some brainstorming and problem solving
  • You could benefit from some encouragement, inspiration, as well as some deadlines
  • You’ve never worked with me before

These offers must be purchased by December 1st, 2021 (the appointments can be scheduled any time after). Please share these offers, too. This is where Cyber Monday meets Friends and Family!



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