A Good Hangover

“When you love and laugh abundantly, you live a beautiful life.” Unknown

I love to laugh—I’m sure you do, too. I also think I am funny, but I am sure my kids will tell you, “No, she’s not!” I actually think the fact that they think I’m not funny IS funny! I love to be around people who make me laugh, too. Milton Berle said, “Laughter is an instant vacation,” and I agree.

As we head into the busy holiday season and the end of the year, we know things get a little more intense and stressful. I want you to be conscious of who you are spending time with—do they make you laugh? What are you watching on T.V.? I hope it’s not the news, there’s certainly no laughter there. The trifecta of good health right now is good sleep, good food, and good exercise/fresh air, and if you want a bonus, toss in some hearty laughter!

Wednesday night I went out with two of my girlfriends for what ended up being a 4-hour dinner. We spent the last two hours telling stories from our youth that had us crying laughing. I left that dinner smiling ear to ear and I still feel the lingering effects of our laughter hangover. Be intentional about who you spend time around right now, especially if they make you laugh! It’s incredibly nutritious food for the soul!



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