Mr. Grinch

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhpas, means a little bit more.” The Grinch

It’s Christmas Eve here and many of us are exhausted already! There is a lot of hype packed into the next 24-48 hours—misplaced hype and unnecessary hype. It’s not about how fancy your tree is, or how many presents are under the tree, or how amazing your table setting looks. It’s not about that at all.

I could tell us all about those less fortunate, or those who are sick, or those who are no longer with us and that might help. But I want all of us to imagine that for the next 48 hours, we are stuck in a hotel room , alone, and can’t get home. When your heart starts to ache, like mine just did thinking about it, what are you going to miss the most? Did you think about the presents or the fancy table setting? Probably not. Your imagination saw faces, didn’t it? Who did you see? Who did you miss the most?

We laugh when we think about the Grinch, never thinking we are anything like him, but may that isn’t true? Maybe we get caught up in the holiday season and we are more like him than we care to admit. Today, remember that Christmas is about the people you love and the place you call home. Don’t get distracted. And make sure you bring the love!

Merry Christmas!


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