This Poinsettia and YOU!

What do you, me, and this spectacular poinsettia have in common? Turns out, a lot! Let me explain.

I have heard from a lot of people telling me about their New Year’s resolutions. I have heard: lose weight, get more organized, work on my career, earn more money, run a marathon, become a better singer, etc. But there was one thing, with all the resolutions people have shared with me, that no one mentioned, and that is true self-care.

Resolutions seem to be all about becoming bigger, stronger, faster, and richer; it’s a be-do-have mindset, but I want to warn all of us that that mental attitude comes at a cost. Look at your resolutions again and see where self-care is represented. Look for items that bring you peace, relaxation, and happiness. Few think to add self-care as a resolution, but that’s like traveling cross-country and forgetting to purchase gas. Eventually, it will catch up with you.

So, back to the poinsettia. I bought this beauty on December 4th. It’s as pretty today as it was then, and no, I do not have the proverbial green thumb. But when I brought this into my home, I said to myself, “Just give it a little bit of water every day.” See, once a poinsettia starts to drop it’s leaves, it’s too late to help it. You can’t get those leaves or petals back. And when we run ourselves into the ground, it takes a lot of self-care to get us back to where we once were. But if we give ourselves daily self-care like I gave this poinsettia—a little bit of water every day—we would continue to flourish! Isn’t that what we are looking for, flourishing? I thought so!



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