Friday’s quote

“Dreams never become realities while we sleep.” Unknown

The month of January, our New Year’s resolutions, and all of 2022 is supposed to be the driving force behind that which we want to change in this new year. Dreams are where we start. It’s the vision we have of the new us we want to be when December rolls around, right?

Dreams are Part 1, we must have a vision. But Part 2 is all about action. It’s about making the plan and executing the plan. It’s about making changes when the plan doesn’t work. It’s about persistence and perseverance when things get really gritty. Part 2 is the hard part, it’s the part when we say, “Quitting is not an option.”

Part 3 is the compassionate part. This dream is a good thing, so we don’t want the journey to be completely unpleasant—who would say “yes” to that road trip? We have to have wins along the way and we have to reward ourselves for our efforts, too. This is marathon, not a sprint. We need all three parts to make it to the finish line, but it starts with the dream!



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