Motivational Monday

Where do you see yourself on 12/31/22? I don’t necessarily mean physically, but maybe that’s part of it. If you set your goals for 2022 and you’re actively working toward them, then what will have changed by 12/31/22? And if you haven’t set goals, as most people don’t, the question remains the same—where do you want to see yourself on 12/31/22?

As you think of 12/31/22, how optimistic are you that your vision today will become a reality at the end of the year? Is it 50%? Higher or lower? That’s where the problem lies, even if we did write out goals, there’s some part of our belief system that questions whether or not this will be the year we actually achieve them. And that’s our Achilles heel. Argh!

If you want this year to be different, please consider signing up for my Virtual Goal Setting Class this Tuesday, January 25th from 6-8 pm EST. Not only will we dive into how to create an amazing goal, but we will also go over all the possible goal sabotuers we might run into and how to overcome them. We are creating accountability, so I’m sticking with you throughout the year so that your vision of 12/31/22 becomes a reality! You will leave Tuesday’s call with one incredibly well written goal and the makings of over 50 more in the next 1-5 years. That’s a lot of goals! We are thinking BIG Tuesday night and I hope you’ll join us!



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