The Sky Is Falling

Do you ever get in a negative thought loop? Of course you do, we all do. And maybe your negative thought loop starts either right befor bed or in the middle of the night causing you to get either little or no sleep! Good times, right? I hear you!

Well, if work or finances or something else is keeping you up at night (or ruining your day), I have a sweet idea that just may help and it’s called “Temporal Distancing.” Humans are uniquely gifted with the ability to engage in “mental time travel.” We can go back in time or foward to the future in our minds. This technique puts our negative thoughts to the test by asking ourselves one simple question: Will this problem hold the same amount of brain space a week from now? Or a month from now? Or a year from now?

This question can help us step out of our negative thought loop and look at it from a distance. It can also help us realize that although an event may be stressful, it likely isn’t the end of the world. Once we stop the negative thought loop, we can come up with some new thoughts that are far more productive than our Henny Penny thoughts. And maybe we can use our “mental time travel” gift to envision something amazing and not something terrible. What do you think?



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