Eating Like A Bird

Doug and I were having a coffee in Lindau, a small town in western Germany. The birds there are clearly no longer afraid of people—the tourists have likely made them immune by all the crumbs they inadvertently leave behind.

It’s sweet to watch the birds come right under the table to devour all the castaway crumbs. The bird in this picture was wrestling with something that resembled one Kix cereal ball! He repeatedly put the “ball” in his mouth but only to realize he couldn’t do anything with it. He’d then spit it out, peck away at it for smaller bite size pieces, and eat those. And then repeat the cycle by putting the whole ball in his mouth all over again. It was a very bird-brained thing for him to do, but funny for me to watch!

This bird reminded me of us! We take on a lot, we know it’s too much, yet we do it anyway. Life is always better when we take it in bite-sized pieces. And no, I’m not calling you or me “bird-brained” but sometimes we make some silly decisions that don’t serve us. We learned, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” a long time ago!

Let’s Go! WE GOT THIS!!


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