Lucky YOU!

Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Your answer to this question may be more important than you know. Most people believe that luck, chance, and even serendipity is out of their hands, but science disagrees.

What if I asked you to spend the week increasing your chance of a serendipitous encounter? How would your behavior change? Your immediate response may be to physically look up and begin noticing that which is around you. Just by asking you to try and increase your luck engages the mind in the possibility and then the search begins.

The mind plays a critical role in our belief of whether or not we are lucky. Take a minute to read the article below from Popular Science. Although the mind always wants to regress back toward the mean, and that may be really hard to overcome sitting at a craps table in Atlantic City, I believe we are all able to choose to override that neural pattern in our daily life. Lucky you, you can start today!

With Gratitude (and Luck),

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