Ask For Help, Please!

Men and women, this one’s equally important for both of you.

Recently, I was on a podcast for Jobs.momwith my friend and former colleague, Zabeen Mirza, discussing why women don’t ask for help. This is such an important topic, especially now in the midst of a pandemic, everyone working from home, and many children not yet back at school. The lion’s share of the work has and will, likely, fall on women. 

Let me be clear— I am NOT man-bashing. The reason most women take on the lion’s share of the work is because they don’t ask for help. They can, but they don’t. My article about the reasons why is included here and I strongly encourage both men and women alike to read it; it will help everyone share the load. Ladies, men aren’t mind readers; And men, women need help and they may never ask. Let’s bridge the divide.

I shared the podcast with some of my executive leaders so they would be reminded of the toll not asking for help takes on their spouse as well as their female employees. Reading this article and truly grasping the content helps everyone. Yesterday, I had back-to-back meetings, followed by my Emerging Leaders call from 6-7. Doug made dinner because I asked for help (and it was delicious!). Asking was not easy for me, but I’m glad I did. Ladies, stop trying to be a hero—ask for help. Men, I hope this helps you understand us a bit more—I’m inviting you to jump in and help when and where possible. The pandemic is hard enough, we all must make asking for help an every day thing. 

P.S. If you’re a single mom or dad, it’s even MORE important for you to ask for help. Friends and family stand at the ready to lend support, but you must ask. Let’s exercise that muscle.

With Gratitude,


If you want to be a great leader and a great spouse — read the article.

Why Women Don’t Ask For Help

Doug’s Gochujang Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

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